My favorite RSS-Readers

I have been using RSS (and reading news and blogs through RSS) since mid 2003, I think. And I tried serveral tools, first was bloglines, because I had no desktop-RSS-client, when I had to use Mac OS9 in my office. I didn't like bloglines - can't say why.

When I developed a RSS-strategy for my former employer news aktuell, I had to test serveral tools, webreaders (aggregators) and clients. Until now, I did not find a webclient, that I really like. Google Reader e.g. is much too complicated.

We then built our own RSS-Client, the ots.Newsreader, based upon Siegfried Hirsch's client NewsBee. I still like it, and I'm still using Newsbee.

Two weeks ago, Edelman launched an enterprise version of Newsgator, both a webclient and a plug-in for Outlook. I can't help, but I don't get familiar with it. The only things, I love it for, are the collaborative features - I can do a search over all the feeds, anyone throughout Edelman Worldwide has in his oder her folders.

What I use since several weeks, is netvibes - and I like it! It's the first webreader (or kind of), that fits to my demands. But I use it as startpage in my browser, to see my children's pictures, my gmail-account, my pop3-mail-status, my del.icio.us links and such things. Not really as a feedreader....

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