Cluetrain changed my life

Yes, it really did. I totally agree to Hugh McLeod, who says:
I'll be blunt: I don't think anyone can really understand the internet until AFTER they've read The Cluetrain. Highly recommended.
He had a session with one of our clients in London and this are his notes.

For me, it was the Cluetrain Manifesto that helped me to understand how to play with this Internet, I used to use for information, email, distribution, even buying. It was brand eins, this brillant german business magazin, that had a long stroy about cluetrain and started a mailinglist to let its readers discuss what it means to them.

And believe it or not: This mailinglist was the accoucheuse to some of the best german blogs and to some of my friends and their blogs and even to this blog.

Until now it's just true that cluetrain helps you to understand what people love in the internet: talk, chat, advance their opinion and so on. It's a real conversation - and, as Hugh says, that's no metaphore. And because companies as entities have no "voice" to join this conversation (and that's the main reason I don't believe in this "one voice policy" thing anymore), they have to encourage their staff to become visible and to get a voice.

Cluetrain is not a religion. Cluetrain is just a way to look at these things that a happening. And they ARE happening. Even if you try not to listen.

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  1. Anonym21.3.07

    About two years ago I came out and started playing. A bunch of things happened since then. But I even didn't know the cluetrain manifesto until a few weeks ago.

    Reading it opened my eyes even wider. It told me things I had seen or done but I hadn't clearly understood.

    Nobody ever will force me back in a box again.

  2. Well, just an idea:

    If you had entered the net via Mailinglists, MUDs, BITNET-Relay, IRC and Usenet... the Manifesto would not have told you much that you did not know already: That the 'net connects people, and not computers and that it is all a big conversation.

    But too many started using the net by clicking colorful images ;) and therefore mistook it for some kinda global shopping mall on drugs.

    Bit then again this makes the manifesto even more valuable and in a way it has found its way through all the cracks into corporate thinking - in some places at least...

  3. OK, Oliver, you were one of the few long time net citizens in that brand eins mailinglist, remember? :-)

    My entering the space was BTX (really!!) in the 80s, and then filesharing. In the early 90s we built a chatroom for live chats for a radio show ("The show with God and Martin Weick" on delta radio, pretty cool)...


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