No, it's Not About the Web

On DLD, there were two moments, that hit me: The big moment of greening minds, I mentioned before. And Walt Mossberg's little notion about getting rid of talking about the web:

Noone talks about using electricity, when you plug in the hairdryer. For me an for coming generations, the web is quite similar to electricity: It's there and you do not even think about it. At home and in hotels, I just open my Mac and chat, write, read, search, buy, ....

Think about that - and then take a look at the discussion in my colleague Steve's Micro Persuasion (nice relaunch btw): Is there a bubbel popping? A real bubble? It's not the popping I want to discuss - but the bubble.

e.g. Louis' comment:
That some Web 2.0 companies are closing shop isn't any more significant than seeing a local restaurant or convenience store close. It's only more newsworthy because we live on the Web now, and because of any VC money that was involved.
More than 60 years ago, the inventive german theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer said we should stop talking about "god", even using the word "god". The real things, his suggestion was, couldn't be said using this word.

Should we try similar things?

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