Campaigns and Conversations

I try to read Jeff Jarvis' BuzzMachine more often, because I love it. But although I'm one week delayed, I want to point out at a post of last friday: Are campaigns and conversation incompatible?

He talks about a political campaign having problems with bloggers they first hired and then - well - did not like, because they offended others. That's a topic not only for politics but also for corporates and their lawyers and policies. You definitly loose control, if you go into the blogosphere. But you win - or at least might win - uncensored minds and opinions. If you are able and willing to listen.
Blogs, Facebooks, MySpace pages, YouTube videos — you might say that they will haunt us. But I prefer to think that they will force us to be more open, more honest. Maybe then we’ll have no choice but to have a real conversation.
(Jeff Jarvis: Are campaigns and conversation incompatible?)
And that's exactly what I try to say...

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