I only met Pam Talbot once - but this was one of the highlights last year

The CEO of our (Edelman's) US operations has chosen to retire in next summer. Last summer I had the pleasure to work with her and to meet her in person. Yesterday night I read the Email of our boss Richard Edelman about her retirement - an his blogpost:
She has been a mentor to many of our brightest young people who will now attempt to fill her shoes; she always takes time to advise on career and personal issues, as a friend as well as boss.
Richard Edelman - 6 A.M.: Pam Talbot and the Development of Modern Public Relations
I was on an international team for a big global pitch when I got to know she will lead us. First thing I heard about her was that she is just tough. And always wants it done better. The conference calls with her and the team were just so - she was asking the right questions and had always a position on strategic thoughts.

So I came to the States to join the crew for the pitch. On a sunday I came right from the airport to the office to find the creatives and strategists and researchers in the conference room. Pam was among them, one of the team. We worked together on the program for some hours - and then began the rehearsal.

It blew me away. Wow, that was a reheasal... Pam was tough, yes. But not in a cruel way but extremly helpful. Hour after hour. And every step with a big discussion. Pam, by far the oldest in the room, was present every minute, having tips and ideas for nearly every word. I think I learned more in these six hours of rehearsal than I ever learned in one week. I was awful tired, really hungry - but that didn't mattered, because we were in a flow.

Pam was the real leader in that week. At some point she send one of the team home to grab some sleep, because she had been working non stop for at least 72 hours. Later she decided to stop the rehearsal - not without leaving us with some last ideas and the confidence we will make it the next day.

Yes, Pam is a giant in PR. And I am grateful that I had the possibility to work with her last year. I know from many colleagues that they feel the same, so it's great she will still be a mentor and consultant to us.

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