Relaunch Without the Community

Just this week I posted a (german) summary about how my online life has changed the last months. One of the tools, I used for a while (and was very pleased with) is coComment. One tool, I used to use (but kicked in June) was Plazes. I was really annoyed about their relaunch - nothing worked on my Mac after that and a lot of "community features" have been absolutly needless. They introduced some "fancy" and hip new things (like an internal twitter clone) - but forgot, that was my opinion, the core features and, more than anything else their longtime and active community.

A lot of friends who used plazes for a long time dropped it as well. I was not angry, because plazes was just "nice", but had no real use for me.

And today? A déja-vu....

Looks for me like coComment is doing exactly the same:
  • Yesterday they suddenly tracked my twitter-updates (what I did not want them to do, because these are no comments, ey).
  • Then, later that day, the new coComment v2.0 went online without any notice to the users (I didn't get one, so I assume others didn't either).
  • Today, Firefox told me, there is a new version of my coComment plugin, that I installed - and the horror began.

Nothing was fitting anymore. Some blogs, where coCommet tracked my comments yesterday, were not tracked anymore. There was a silly blue square on several sites now with no functions I understood or seemed to need (Hey, I want to track the comments I leave and the conversations evolving on posts - and not any website). Flickr told me there was a unfinished script ruining my experience (what stopped when I disabled the plugin). And some more things.

I talked to some other bloggers and saw other's tweets that complained similar things. For I know and like coComment's CEO, I talked to him, and he promised:
I've forwarded your comments about the specifics to the team and I expect they'll have them fixed today.
Please stay in touch and give us your direct feedback on any issues/problems you discover or comments you'd like to make.
I like this. And, Matt, I still like the concept of coComment and want to use it - mainly because it is really useful (or at least was until yesterday).

Hope you get things fixed. And pls: Next time, talk to your users before...

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