My very first baseball match

I was to my - yes, indeed - very first baseball match. Some weeks ago when my colleague Marshall (now London, but a real American) and I were talking about our trip to Chicago, where we both have been part of the faculty of this year's Edelman Summer School as mentioned before, he had the great idea to take me to the stadium: Wrigley Field to see the Cubs. (Yes, Nico, I finally got there....)

And what shall I say? It was great. I did not get baseball until we left after the 7th inning (something I did not get neither, but after that there have been no more points or whatever they call these things that, well, you know). But Marshall did a terriffic job, explaining the game to Neville Hobson and me. Neville took even a long video of Marshall ("Baseball for Dummies") that will hopefully be up in some days at his blog.

My thoughts about this evening:
Yes, the cultural thing reminds me a little bit about fottball/ soccer back home, although it is totally different. But while I normally stay in offices, conference rooms, restaurants or friends' places that are much more "global" so to say when I am in the US, this was really coming down to this country and its people. Glad I was there and we had a lot of fun as well - Erin, Rick and Marshall are really, really into baseball...

All these and probably even more photos at my flickr page.

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